Chartered accountant in Milan, chartered auditor. Degree in economics and business from the Catholic University in Milan, executive course in corporate finance at SDA Bocconi. I gained my professional experience, at first at the administration and finance department of a Vancouver company (Canadian Springs Water company – Burnaby), then in an associated firm in Pescara, dealing with international taxation in the context of business groups and, among other things, transfer pricing. Afterwards, I was hired by a multinational in the energy sector, where I worked on the balance sheet of the parent company and, subsequently, on financial planning. Since 2008 I started up my own firm in Milan, where I have always dealt with extraordinary management operations and corporate taxation. In 2018, together with other colleagues with whom I have been collaborating for several years, each with a specific professional specialization, we have set up DNRA a working team, with the aim of supporting our clients with a multi-disciplinary advisory support.